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  • Summer Camp 2016!
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    We are happy to announce the dates for our this year’s Summer Camp.
    Summer Camp starts June 20th and goes to August 26th. We will be closed July 4th.
    This is an all day camp. We do Karate and other Martial Arts, craft projects, hiking, field trips and more.  Groups are small and spaces fill fast.
    Cost: Pay by March 31st – $180.00 per week
              Pay by April 30th         190.00 per week
              Pay by May 31st           200.00 per week
              June 1st and after        225.00 per week
    Contact us or Sign Up by clicking on the arrow below:

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  • Two Days vs. One Day A Week

    The Professor’s Corner

    I am often asked “What do you think about Johnny going to karate one day a week?” On this subject I am as biased as the day is long. If you care about your child’s progression, nothing less than two days a week is going to do it.

    Look at it this way – anything you want to be skilled at is going to take practice and repetition.  If your daughter is at band practice she is there every day. If your son plays football he is there every day. When your son or daughter go to school, they are there every day.

    I don’t expect my students to be here at the martial arts school every day. They would make Black Belt in record time if they were but that isn’t the point.

    We have something very special to offer at Anderson Martial Arts. It is a heck of a lot more than just kick and punch. The body work alone is well worth it. No other physical activity offers the entire body coordination development and ambidexterity that martial arts does.And martial arts is a lot more than just self-defense.

    Via the training and mat chats, our students learn about the value of family, respect, focus, teamwork, commitment, ...

  • Spring Break

    Come spend the week or just a day or two. The cost is $170.00/week or $40.00 per day. We do fun arts and crafts, special martial arts lessons, go to the library, go on hikes – movies and a lot more!

  • Texas! Upcoming Seminars!

    Martial Arts MastersMartial Arts Masters

    Topics: Karate and Arnis (Filipino Stick Fighting)

    November 7th  in Dallas, TX
    November 8th  in Fort Worth, TX area

    Schedule: 1-5pm


  • NW State of the Arts Seminar

      Join us for a State of the Arts day of training with four superb instructors…  October 24!

    • Professor Dan Anderson founder of American Freestyle Karate and MA80 Arnis/Eskrima
    •  Grandmaster Mark Kline founder of the Kyusho Institute and Architect of the PinPoint™ method of pressure point fighting
    • Rory Miller, author of “Meditations on Violence” and “Facing Violence”
    • Sensei Jason Luedtke, Judo master and creator of Sensei SauceCost for the seminar is $100.00 whether you pre-register or pay at the door. However, for those who pre-register, you can get some pretty cool gifts from the instructors.More information here.  Click on the Tickets link to pre-register and see the gifts!


  • October is Bully Prevention Month

    2014-07-31_bullyStats_FourStagesOfBullyingOctober 17th! 

    We will be hosting free and paid events.

    Come learn how to handle physical, verbal, cyber and workplace bullying.  Free Pizza and cookies for all participants!  Team up with us to help end bullying in your life and community.  

    Schedule is 1pm-4pm. See specific times for age groups.

  • Go Beyond the Grades
    Our three-week school readiness program is beginning September 14!To find out more, please visit our Kids Programs page.Go Beyond the grades Anderson Martial Arts SUMMER CAMP was a success!  Check out the Summer Camp page to learn more.2015-07-22 021

     For other events, visit the events page or contact the school.

  • DAV 30th Anniversary

    Modern Arnis – Classical styles class by Dan Anderson

    This is a piece of what I taught today (Aug. 5th). I was showing how the Presas family art of arnis worked hand in glove with the Modern Arnis we see today and how it completes the package, so to speak, of Modern Arnis. Remy Presas included far more of his family art in his Modern Arnis teachings during the early 1980s. This is the first thing learned in Modern Arnis.

  • The DAV Chronicles continued…

    ProfDanBoy, where do I start? At the beginning I suppose. I overslept this morning. I woke up at 8:45 – 15 minutes before I was supposed to teach. I had time to grab a cup of coffee before I made it to the main field. Thanks to Carsten. He loaned me his hat so that I didn’t get cooked by the sun again.

    My class – they just keep getting better and better. I began with disarm reversals or counters. Someone tries to disarm you and you handle their action. I told them from the beginning that it had nothing to do with technique and had everything to do with observation of your partner. We worked some very simple moves and then I let them play with the concept.

    The second section was joint lock reversals. Where in the disarm counters you had to see and feel what your partner was doing, with the lock counters you had to really go by feel. This one you develop tactile observation. They did great!

    Both sections of the class were based on two concepts:
    1. observe your partner and ...

  • Additional 3-4 year old class

    3-4 imageWe added another 3-4 year olds class on Mondays and Wednesdays 4:05-4:35pm.  Find out more about this and other classes TODAY.

    Take advantage of our introductory offer.