A Little About Curriculum

American Freestyle Karate

Since there are so many different kinds of martial arts, let alone karate, I felt that an explanation of what the type of karate we do here at Dan Anderson Karate School is in order.  “Karate” is a term created from of two Japanese words, “kara” and “te” meaning “empty hand”.  American Freestyle Karate is an American version of the Oriental martial art.  Although the Oriental values are more popularized, the American culture has many of the same values; truth, hard work, respect, honesty, loyalty, honor, and working together with others. These are what we teach to our students, all good American values.  Prof. Anderson is the founder of American Freestyle Karate is a certified Grand Master in this art.

MA80 Arnis/Eskrima System

Arnis/Eskrima are terms for describing the Filipino martial art utilizing a single stick, double set of sticks, stick and dagger, bolo and dagger, and empty hand applications.  MA80 Arnis/Eskrima System is a combination of three distinct types of Filipino art: Modern Arnis, Balintawak Eskrima and Integrated Eskrima.  Prof. Anderson is a certified Grand Master in this art.

Classical Karate

Classical Karate is the original intent of the self-defense art of the empty hand.  Kongsu Do teaches the forms and secret hidden applications of the moves contained within the forms to provide an effective self-defense method.  Prof. Anderson holds a 3rd Degree black belt in Kongsu Do.